I’m Todd, I have 1 son Aiden. My roots are just a small towner in Ohio. It’s taken me this long to get this far because I want my work perfect. Starmaker App where I’ve been on it for 12yrs and have close to 60k followers and met so many people who made me wanna be better and push for my dreams like Sonya Hill, Renne McKee, A.Terell, Racks, Carolyn Augustine, But Then Caroline Sedgley who is my Manager has rode waves with me to get this and I can’t thank her enough. But the one artist who’s inspired me is Brett Young when I first heard Mercy. I was like this is my type of artist! Then when my aunt died his song Don’t Wanna Write This Song got me through the toughest time in life. Then I had my son April 12,2021 and was a Single Dad. Then I heard the music to become my first Single and Collaborated with G.Instrumentals. I’m Tired of All This Bullshit! And let’s not forget my mom and Step Dad John and Linda Conley they I know got tired of hearing me sing from dawn to sunset! Then Ms Theresa who was my annoying but loyal Fan and friend always excited to hear what I can do.Then I released Sometimes, Be My Sweet Ice Tea, and Kings Great Highway. Also Im currently in The @022 Audacy Opening Act Compentition. so if you can go vote its free through Facebook. If i win this i will open the entire show for 18,000 people (click Vote for Me at The Top of the Page)! So thanks to all of you great people, loyal fans and supporters of all my music.